PET Bottle Blowing Machine

Blow Molding Machine refers to a machine that blows bottles. The most obvious explanation is a machine that can blow plastic particles (softened into liquid) or preformed preforms into bottles through a certain process. The bottle blowing machine is convenient and fast, and has a large amount of molding. After it appeared, it replaced most of the manual bottle blowing and was adopted by most beverage companies.

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Technical Parameter

Bottle type specificationCavity3
#rowspan# Max.volume2000ML
Bottle mouth maximum overall DIdiameter38mm
Bottle biggest diameter105mm
Bottle maximum height330mm
Production specificationTheoretical output4500BPH
#rowspan# Bottle type capacity500ML
Bottle type weight17g
Bottle typecircular
Power specificationsLight tube quantity18pcs
#rowspan# Light tube power1.5KW
Maximum heating power24KW
All electric machine installation27KW
Actual consumption19KW

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